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Mount Damavand (5,671 Meters, 18,606 Feet) is the Highest Volcano in Asia. This giant mountain is located in the Alborz Mountains near the south seashore of the Caspian Sea, 80 km North East of Tehran, Iran in Mazandaran province.

Damavand is a tipical cone-shape volcano with a narrow summit coverd with permanent snowcap, it is surrounded by many beautiful mountains in Alborz Chain, its snowy white summit and its regular clouds is the most attractive scene of Persia. Despite the fact that there is no historic eruptions recorded and it is believed to be a silent stratovolcano, but Damavand Volcano has fumaroles and sulfur gas coming out near the top and it is considered to be a potentially active dormant volcano. Visit also Damavand Ski.

Damavand South Route Difficulty

Damawand Physical Difficulty
Main Damavand Difficulty factors are Timing, the amount of snowfall, weather condition, your phisical fitness and Acclimatization. The south face is not technical and it has a mild slop for ski mountaineering. Damavand winter climb is very tough and you should be very fit enough and in good shape.

Camp 2 to Camp 3
Ascend from Damavand Base Camp (or camp 2 Goosfand Sara) to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom takes about 4 to 5 hours on ski, 1250 meters vertical climb above 3000 meters.

Camp 3 to Summit
Ascend from Camp3 to Damavand Summit takes 5 to 8 hours ascend on ski, 1400 m vertical climb in a single day. Climb involves 1400 m+ of vertical climb above 4000 meters.
Carrying your baggage is naturally an additional difficulty. No rock/ice climbing experience is needed.

Damavand Weather Difficulty
Damavand Weather Condition plays an important role in winter.
In summer Damavand difficulty is compared to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt Everest Base Camp in the Himalayan, but Damavand Winter Climb it is quite different and it should be compared to a 7000 meters peak.

Off-season trekking, winter climbs and ski mountaineering specially in bad weather is very hard and dangerous.

Damawand Quick Facts

Alt:    18,606 Feet, 5,671 Meters,
Lat:   35, 57, 19 North
Lon:   52, 06, 36 East

Distance from Tehran: 80km
Best Starting point: Camp1 Polour.
Best Climb/Ski Side: South Route.

Best Trekking Time: mid June To mid August.
Best Ski/Snowboard Time: December to mid May.

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Volcanic Status: Potentially active (Dormant with fumaroles at the summit).
Rank: Highest peak in Iran, Highest volcano in Asia. Second highest volcano in the norther hemisphere.

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Damavand Mountain Iran
Damavand Mountain Iran

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