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Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak ski resort is located in the a village with the same name in the middel of Alborz Mountain Range, Iran. The resort has pleasant cool and clean weather and due its height and the dry air it receives a good amount of snowfall to satisfy ski lovers.

Shemshak is the 2nd largest ski resort in Iran after Dizin complex. Dizin slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediates, where Shemshak is good for more advanced skiers. The slopes of Shemshak resorts are the most challenging runs in Iran, the slops are very steep and graded the hardest and steepest slopes in the country, a collection of pistes, chair lifts with many mogul runs suitable for advanced skiers.

You can meet Iran’s skilled skiers in Shemshak resort. An excellent place for practicing and acclimatization before attemting Damavand. Snowboarders are also welcome to tackel these slopes, the terrain is good for more adventurous boarders, about 1/3 are boarders. This resort is equipped with lighting facilities which allows skiing at night. Shemshak, was built in 1958.

Targeted Activities
Cross-country Ski, Skiing, Snowboarding

Season Availability
November to April

Ski Resort Shemshak Tehran, Iran
Shemshak Ski Resort Tehran, Iran
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Total 7 Lifts
2 lift, chair lifts
3 dish teleskis, button lifts
2 Hammer teleskis, t-bars
2 hotels
4 restaurants

Major Ski Resorts Near Shemshak
Darbandsar 2 km
Dizin 12 km
Mt Tochal 22 km
Ab Ali 51 km
Mt Damavand 55 km

Located in the Alborz Mountains, 45 Km northeast of Tehran
City Shemshak, State Tehran, Country Iran.

How to go there, Transportation to Shemshak
Fly to Tehran IKA International Airport and then travel by road to the Shemshak City Resort. Only accessible by road and can be reached by coach or car. The journey time is about 60 to 90 minutes drive from Tehran, about 60 Km. There is no railway station in Shemshak, the closest railway station is at Tehran.

You may reach the area by three differnt roads, the first one is shorter and a preferred way.
1- Tehran> (Resalat Highway Baqeri Junction)> Tehranpars 4th Sq.> Gardaneh Ghochak> Lavasanat> Oshoun Fasham Road> Shemshak.
2- Tehran, Afsarieh Highway> Yasini Highway> Telov Road> Lavasanat> Oshoun Fasham Road> Shemshak City.
3- Tehran-Karaj Highway> Chalous Road> Dizin junction> Dizin Resort> Shemshak Road> Shemshak Resort.

Shemshak GPS Track
Tehran to Shemshak Road Map, GPS Track & Waypoints.
Useful for Ski Mountaineering and Snowboarding.
1 January 2011, Posted by Sherppa

Shemshak ski resort is located in the middle of Alborz Mountains Iran, it is one of the best down hill track for wild ski mountaineering and freestyle snowboarding. It has excellent powder snowfall in winter, a suitable place for advanced skier and snowboard lovers before trying Damavand. It is the second largest piste in Iran after Dizin resort.
Targeted Activities: Cross-country Skiing, Ski, Snowboard.
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Geographical Location
Altitude: 2530m - 3050m
Latitude: 36-00-33 N (36.009192 N)
Longitude: 51-29-36 E (51.493492 E)

Tehran Starting Point:
(Tehran, Resalat Highway, Baqeri Junction, Baqeri Metro Station).
Latitude: 35-43-57 N
Longitude: 51-31-3 E

Tehran to Shemshak Road Map & GPS Track File
(by Garmin Oregon 550 Navigator)

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Quick Facts
Snow Depths: 2 to 4 m
Vertical Drop: 500m
Highest Lift: 3050m
Lowest Piste: 2550m
Skiing at night: Yes
Built in 1958.
Was granted an International title in 1996

More Facts
Tehran to Shemshak by Car
Distance ( Cartographic Length ): 43 km
Average Speed: 32 km/h
Maximum Speed: 90 km/h
Total Time: 01:30

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Shemshak Ski Resort GPS Map
Google Map Tehran to Shemshak Ski Resort

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